downtown cruisin’

January 25, 2010 at 7:34 pm (biking)

absolutely perfectly magnificently amazingly great weather lately! rode around some of the downtown neighborhoods the other day and brought my camera along. it’s so beautiful here, I love all the quirky architecture (and maybe if I had paid more attention in my history of American art class I’d actually be able to recognize the styles).

on the other hand, I really don’t love the brick roads. they are brutal on my tiny little bike tires. they’re not even that great for cars, either. I understand the aesthetic reasoning since it’s ‘Colonialtown’ and all, but so many of the roads are extremely dilapidated and worn down that it’s not even pleasing to the eye. Orlando definitely has bigger problems to worry about so I’m not exactly about to march to city hall and complain, but it would be nice if they could replace them with paved roads one of these days. or maybe even add a paved bike lane here or there. unfortunately this is probably unlikely, because according to

The cost of installing a bike lane is approximately $3,100 to $31,000 per kilometer ($5,000 to $50,000 per mile), depending on the condition of the pavement, the need to remove and repaint the lane lines, the need to adjust signalization, and other factors. It is most cost efficient to create bicycle lanes during street reconstruction, street resurfacing, or at the time of original construction.

and I have a feeling Orlando isn’t willing to chalk up a sum like that any time in the near future. sigh. such is life!

but enough of the negative, here are some nice pictures from my ride:


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