Food Matters

March 3, 2010 at 11:58 pm (health, movies)

I just got done watching this and oh man let me tell you, it was pretty powerful. Food Matters is a documentary dealing with the state of health and nutrition in the world today. they go into detail about raw, organic diets, the importance of vitamins, and the causes and preventions of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic illnesses. I was honestly shocked and appalled at some of the things mentioned in this, especially many of the statistics (like how the number of deaths from cancer has more than doubled since Nixon put billions of dollars into medicinal research into the field over 30 years ago; lol wut). on top of that, they do nothing but reassure just how simple and logical it is to be healthy. this is a really really great movie. it’s done nothing but justify my choice in going vegan. I highly recommend checking Food Matters out if you are concerned at all about the things you put in your body and what they have the ability to do to you.

here’s the trailer:


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  1. Steffi said,

    thanks for reminding me! I’ve had the film for quite some time but never got round to watch it, will do so on the next rainy weekend 🙂

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