real food?! no way.

March 17, 2010 at 10:16 pm (alt-meat, raw)

for being a ‘healthy’ vegan blog, this sure has been filled with tons of sugar and fat lately. oops. sorry, sometimes I can’t help myself and I go into a baking frenzy for a couple days… or weeks. but life is back on track and here are some of my latest culinary adventures!

black bean burger and wrap, both extremely delicious! I used Fat Free Vegan’s black bean burger recipe with a few tweaks: I subbed the rice, pepper, and onion for a slow-cooked stuffed pepper with rice and carrots that I had in the fridge. for the burgers, I made the buns using this recipe and they turned out good enough, albeit a little hard.

my first seitan! I used Veganomicon’s recipe with great success (and great ugliness). it was fantastic on an open faced sandwich with rosemary focaccia bread (also from Veganomicon), lettuce, and tomato. simplicity at it’s best!

my copy of Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen came in and I had fun with a few recipes from there. the first is the butternut squash ‘rice’ with walnuts. I let my friends and coworkers tried this and they were shocked at how rice-like the texture was and how great it tasted. I absolutely loved it as well. then I tried the sunburgers and they were… not my thing. not saying they’re bad, just not what I’m into. a bit bland also.

my very first granola! I looked through some recipes for a basic guide and then just kinda made up everything as I went along. flavor-wise it was spectacular, texture and form-wise I wasn’t too happy with. I was going for more of a granola BAR and it was just too crumbly and flaky for that. so I’ll definitely be trying again, and as soon as I’m successful I’ll post my recipe. :>

stir-fry based on Fat Free Vegan’s Hot and Sour Shirataki Noodles recipe. shirataki noodles seem to get so much flack from the vegan community for being gross and smelly, but I actually genuinely like them. yeahhhh the odor’s a little weird at first, but it’s nothing a thorough rinsing won’t get out! and once everything’s cooked and flavored it’s completely gone anyway. don’t get me wrong, real pasta is far superior to this, but it’s also far fattier and I just can’t really bring myself to eat it anymore, so I’m just glad shirataki noodles are here to satiate my cravings.

glorious cheesy scrambled breakfast burritos. these were the bomb. the only complaint I got about them was from my roommate who said they’d be better with real cheese. wellllll sucks for her. I really wish I could remember where I got my cheese sauce recipe from but I can’t for the life of me find it. well, I’m sure I’ll be making these again sooner than later and when I do I’ll meticulously write down and bookmark everything so I can share, because these are so worth it. in fact I really want one right now. or two. or four. D:


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